Did you know that Cyberjaya is the global headquarters for the International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats (IMPACT),
a cyber security alliance with 152 state members recognised by the United Nations?

People who are vulnerable or more susceptible to violent online behaviours:

  • People who express unconventional political or religious views

  • People who belong to ethnic or religious minorities

  • Members of the LGBT* community
    *Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender

  • Women and children


Kiki Kamaruddin

Road bully turned cyber harassment victim


Kiki became a target on social media after a video of her hitting an elderly man’s car with a steering wheel lock went viral. Within 24 hours, her car registration number trended on Twitter and her private information was exposed.

Aisyah Tajuddin

BFM 89.9 presenter


Aisyah Tajuddin received death and rape threats over a YouTube video where she questions if the implementation of hudud is enough to address socio-economic needs in Kelantan.

Did you know that the CyberSAFE initiative by CyberSecurity Malaysia - an agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation - received world recognition as the best child online protection portal out of 148 contestants at the 6th International Digital Media Fair and Festival in 2012?

There are currently no specific
cyber harassment offences in Malaysia.
In most of cases, cyber harassers remain anonymous and they are rarely held accountable for their behaviours. The damage they may inflict on their victims in cyber space can sometimes extend to physical trauma.

Syed Azmi Alhabshi

Organiser of ‘I Want To Touch A Dog’ Event


Syed Azmi received thousands of death threats and other hateful messages when he organized a dog familiarisation event that outraged religious conservatives who felt the event was an ‘insult to Islam’.

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Currently, Malaysia has no legal definition
of cyber harassment. It generally refers
to harassment through online interactions.
Cyber harassers often leave victims feeling violated, threatened and isolated.

And yet, there is
currently no law regulating cyber harassment.

It is #TakFunny
and sometimes, sorry 
is simply not enough.